Getting back into blogging

I haven't been on in months.. sigh... the last months have been crazy, but the craziness is going to get even crazier!

The biggest reason for not being on is that I defended and have a graduate degree. I actually have to pick up my bound thesis at the printers, but they told me they only take cash or cheque so I have to find some cash to do such things.

My ideals on what to do in my life have changed. I wanted to get my PhD, teach anatomy at a university or collage... but writing and defending the thesis has changed that. I don't hate acadaemia but do I love it? Unfortunately no. The things I love to do are teach others, dissect animals and work with live animals. After many discussions with many mentors I have decided to try (again) for veterinary school. I am now armed with an extra degree and a lot of experience, so it can only help right?Now that we live in Alberta there is a higher chance of getting in as well. But I have to live here a year and not be a full time student before I can apply (crazy rules!!)

To pass the time I got pregnant
Well, thats not the only reason, we had decided to get pregnant and the doctors said it could take a year or more for it to happen. We figured this would be a good time to start and see where it took us

Now I'm 8 months (and a week) pregnant!
The crappy thing is I'm unemployed. But hey, I have lots of free time.
We are extremely excited and of course nervous of the whole endeavor. I worry about the pain of labor, my ability to keep her alive (its a girl)but in the end I think we are quite able in all needed areas.

The biggest snag in the whole production is money. Since I can't get a job (what, you won't hire a pregnant lady?) and Renato works at a not-for-profit, its a very rewarding field but tough when providing for oneself and I and a soon-to-be offspring who needs all this stuff! We've figured out a lot. I'm all about cutting the cost of everything and buying a lot of second hand baby stuff, as thats all I can do. I'm sure it will work out

Here's the offspring, we call her Darth Vader right now.

18 weeks

28 weeks

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