Understanding my Gdiapers (before the baby gets here)

I decided early in the pregnancy to go the cloth diaper rout because:
a)I'm an earth muffin
b)My mom used them on me b/c I was allergic to disposables
c)budget income
d)access to a laundry room

After reviewing the literally HUNDREDS of types of cloth diapers out there, I decided to go with Gdiapers. Not only was there a great promotion going on their starter packs at the time, but I've seen them in action, and I like that I could switch to disposable liners if I am in dire need.

The promotion was a discount on their 6 pack, so I bought one pack each of smalls, mediums, and larges. I know I will need more later, but I figure its a good starting point.

The next step was to get some cloth liners for the things. There are a lot of ppl on Etsy and Ebay that sell hand made liners. and the company themselves sells cloth liners

Being on that budget I went an alternate route after finding a tutorial on how to make Gdiaper inserts at home (I've since found many more, but this seemed the most thorough and easiest). The writer recommended using microfiber cloths, but there is a fantastic online store called Wazoodle that sells fabric specifically for cloth diapers, so I ordered the most absorbent stuff you could get (ZORB!!!) and asked my mom to put them together for me (as an aside, I would have done it myself but my sewing machine is broken, and besides, she's so good at sewing!)

My mom quickly made a bunch in the small size and sent them to me in the mail. Here they are!

They look pretty big compared to the little diaper, but they fit very well. I'm very happy
Next I have to make some microfleece liners to put on top, so that poo can be quickly removed. I'm really hoping this system works out.


Starting to decorate the nursery

Renato and I have thought a lot about how to make a cute room for our little girl on a BIG budget. We are very lucky in many ways tho, because Renato has woodworking skills and we have lots of friends that have helped out and given us some great things. We also have a great landlord that will let us paint the rooms of our apartment any colour as long as it goes back to primer when we leave.

The room will in no way match the in the way you can get custom bedding, curtains, accessories ect for a baby room. However, I'm trying to stay with a colour theme because I want bright bold colours but do not want it to get out of control. The inspiration I have decided upon comes from this fabric.

I bought it in a bundle of fat squares on Etsy, and fell in love with it when making a mobile for my niece. Since then I have ordered 2 yards of it. I don't know what to do with the fabric, but it will be exciting to use in any case.

I decided the walls of the little room will be the turquoise colour in the design. Renato was a little worried about that, but now that the walls are painted he loves the results (photos to come)

To add to this I am refinishing a dresser, which will be a changing table and dresser in the end.

I have lots of old picture frames and vintage Ikea stuff I've been gathering, they will be painted off-white. I also have some beautiful vintage biology posters to put up.

Finally Renato is building a crib, and a dollhouse, and will paint a mural on the wall in either off-white or red.

We have lots to do, and some is done, but I thought I would space out each part in a separate blog post for kicks.


Sweating out the hard times

Its amazing how in one day, or a few days things can explode in ones little world, and you feel life is out to get you.

it was 33 degrees yesterday, 31 the day before. Everyone said 'you are so lucky the biggest part of your pregnancy will be in the fall! Fall? Isn't it supposed to be fall now?
I have a beautiful wool maternity coat I want to wear (from my most generous sister), and long sleeved shirts. Where are you fall? I wait for you, please come here.


The guy who lives in our basement (an apartment on its own) has been having a hard time getting a roommate. He finally got one, but this kid (I think he's 17, not that I have anything against 17 year olds) is turning out to be an idiot. He smokes a lot of pot and has recently lost his job. He wakes up in the evening and falls asleep in the morning. He broke the lock on the door connecting our two apartments this morning, and has his druggie friends over to... you know... smoke pot all night (and uses other substances, or so I just learned).

Yesterday was the last straw for me, as I woke up in the morning to our apartment smelling and the lock. I told the landlord, and apparently a meeting of the 3 went well. The kid is leaving at the end of October! I hate to be a big bitch about all this. But Ren and I discussed and discussed, and we have more to worry about than just ourselves and our stuff. We now have the responsibility of a little being (and I don't mean the cats... although they are a responsibility too). I'm doing my best to have her developing body not come in contact with things that may harm her. And I've got a hell of a lot of other things to worry about outside of the apartment downstairs. What would the public health nurse think if she visited and there was a lingering pot smell in the air?

Oh, and one of our tires is flat. Must buy a new tire yay!!

The day is over now, hopefully this is the only bad day for a long time. I have something wonderful to show you soon, so worry not!

Getting back into blogging

I haven't been on in months.. sigh... the last months have been crazy, but the craziness is going to get even crazier!

The biggest reason for not being on is that I defended and have a graduate degree. I actually have to pick up my bound thesis at the printers, but they told me they only take cash or cheque so I have to find some cash to do such things.

My ideals on what to do in my life have changed. I wanted to get my PhD, teach anatomy at a university or collage... but writing and defending the thesis has changed that. I don't hate acadaemia but do I love it? Unfortunately no. The things I love to do are teach others, dissect animals and work with live animals. After many discussions with many mentors I have decided to try (again) for veterinary school. I am now armed with an extra degree and a lot of experience, so it can only help right?Now that we live in Alberta there is a higher chance of getting in as well. But I have to live here a year and not be a full time student before I can apply (crazy rules!!)

To pass the time I got pregnant
Well, thats not the only reason, we had decided to get pregnant and the doctors said it could take a year or more for it to happen. We figured this would be a good time to start and see where it took us

Now I'm 8 months (and a week) pregnant!
The crappy thing is I'm unemployed. But hey, I have lots of free time.
We are extremely excited and of course nervous of the whole endeavor. I worry about the pain of labor, my ability to keep her alive (its a girl)but in the end I think we are quite able in all needed areas.

The biggest snag in the whole production is money. Since I can't get a job (what, you won't hire a pregnant lady?) and Renato works at a not-for-profit, its a very rewarding field but tough when providing for oneself and I and a soon-to-be offspring who needs all this stuff! We've figured out a lot. I'm all about cutting the cost of everything and buying a lot of second hand baby stuff, as thats all I can do. I'm sure it will work out

Here's the offspring, we call her Darth Vader right now.

18 weeks

28 weeks