The Past Week

Has been pretty hectic! I just started taking a 'drawing for biologists' course. Its hard, but exremely useful. Here is a bird I shetched as an exercise. Tweet!

I also started teaching a first year library lab. Going good! But now no free time. other good news- crack addict in the basement left, and the landlords are now reparing his damages. I am a little fearful tho because they're new asking rent for the place is $50 more per month than our current rent. I hope SO MUCH I don't get a rent increase.

I also need a new paper shreader, what do you think of this one?


Kristie and Andrew Visit

I didn't take a lot of photo's when Kris and Andrew visited, because Kris had a much more portable little camera. You can see more photos on Andrews website(http://www.3dburke.com/), and probably Kris will have some up too
These photos are from our hike up Grassi Mountain, just outside of Canmore. Its a beautiful trail, and we had a perfect day to hike

This is not the trail we took

I was excited to see this birdsnest, but my camera decided not to focus on it

There was still snow on the mountain. Kristie's ears were cold

but it was worth it because the lake was so pretty


Mom's Pup

Mom is getting a puppy soon. They are not very old yet and seem to be in their slug stage but one of these is going to be hers... which one will it be...


If you're in Halifax this weekend..

Go to Tamara's Show!

If I was there I would


Poor Sal, Again!

One of the reasons I have been away from posting lately is Sal

Poor guy is allergic to his food. Its making his skin itchy and he is licking his fur off! Sals once voluminous pantaloons are now short shorts

The tough thing is that he can't stop eating the food. Its the only food that prevents the crystals he forms in his bladder. So instead he got a shot of cortisone and hopefully he will be relieved for a while. I will have to keep an eye on him to see when he needs his next shot

The other thing that prevents me from writing is that Kristie and Andrew are going to be visiting this Thursday and I'm turning the studio into its guest-room-mode. THis weekend is gonna rock!