The Past Week

Has been pretty hectic! I just started taking a 'drawing for biologists' course. Its hard, but exremely useful. Here is a bird I shetched as an exercise. Tweet!

I also started teaching a first year library lab. Going good! But now no free time. other good news- crack addict in the basement left, and the landlords are now reparing his damages. I am a little fearful tho because they're new asking rent for the place is $50 more per month than our current rent. I hope SO MUCH I don't get a rent increase.

I also need a new paper shreader, what do you think of this one?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting shredder, it looks a bit like a Hamster cage.Hummm.

That is perfect they have FINALLY be evicted and nothing has happened to anyone while waiting.Your rent shouldn't go up, if anything you should be given a decrease for goodness sake ! :)