Parrots, Inside-Out

I have been learning to X-ray parrots today. No parrots were hurt in the making of these X-rays. The parrots are 40+ years gone, and one I believe was preserved in the 1800's!

The top is an Amazon parrot, the bottom is a Budgie. They are not of equal size. I think these images are going t help my research a lot!


One Week In DC!

My first week here is finished, Yay! I find it really warm and humid, but I think I am starting to acclimatized. So far I have had strange encounters with a lot of insects; went grocery shopping 2 times, laundry cleaning 1 time; I met a beautiful Great Dane named Zero, and spent every possible hour in the museum collections. So... No sight-seeing photos so far. This photo I gotta post because I was amazed by the size of this bug! (twice the size of my thumb)

And it was pretty, and didn't attack me (all qualities I admire in bugs) I've seen tones of fireflies, and one insane cockroach, as well as cardinals and bunny rabbits on my way to and from work.
I'll try to take some photos of the Smithsonian soon!


Random Images of my trip to Seattle

Finally I am posting some photos of my trip to Seattle. I gotta first thank my fabulous hosts, Kristie and Andrew, who forced me to eat 'uncrustables' the entire time. We still got along well, I will take the 'uncrustables' to stay in Seattle

First off, Kristie has a lot of pets, I decided to take photos of them in their coats
Ruby has a coat, its pink!

Sushi has a coat too, can you see it?

George had a coat but did not like it. Not because it was a pink GAP hoodie, but because he prefers to go necked

Rocco does not have a coat. Poor Rocco!

And finally here is Taylor, who is not Kristies pet, but he's darned cute! Plus I have more photos of him than anything else, so he will appear at the end of each photo installation


Cute Flower Earrings

Just before I travel again I finished a pair of earrings! These are made of etched copper, brown fw pearls, bali spacers, and hand-made earwires.


Featured Jewelry Artist #1: Lori Anderson

I was very excited to receive an email from Lori Anderson, the first person I sold a toggle to, showing me a necklace she made with this very toggle.
Lori makes beautiful jewelry, check out her website
Thank you Lori for showing me what you made!



Sal is home and recovering! He is taking full advantage of us: sleeping on objects we normally would not allow him to (As seen here on the dining room table), eating mushy food, and getting his own personal litter box. Inertia is not impressed with Sals return. She won't stop hissing at him. I think that she was under the impression that Sal would not be returning and she had the whole house to herself from now on. Poor Inertia!


Kitty Update

Sal had to stay overnight at the vets, he had to get an IV and a catheter, but the good news is that he will be coming home this evening! I will probably be taking care of him for the next few days. He's going to get new food and a whole bunch of antibiotics.
I am very relieved!


Cross you fingers for Sal!

Sal is at the vets right now being monitored. He is having bladder issues, it could be crystals, an infection, or a stone. If all goes well he will be returning home tonight, but he could be there for a while. I was worried sick about him last night, he was very uncomfortable. Now I know at least that things can only get better for him from here