Yummy Homemade Bread!

Crazy but true, I made bread today. The recipe was foound on the net, called no knead bread, and if it were not for the Not Martha blog I never would have found it. Its amazing the crazy things you can find on blogs.
Yummy Yummy Homemade Bread!

Yay Pat!

My former lab-mate Dr. Pat Druckenmiller is in the news! To read more, Click on the title above


New Copper Bracelet

It took me a Long time to think this one up, but I am super proud of it!
7.5" long (can be incresed)

Weekend Traveling

Yesterday we drove to go to Banff!! Goodness I love that trendy little town, not that I'm into shopping like that, but its always been a great place to go and cruse around. The drive up was, as always, beautiful. It was a little overcast...

In Banff we went to the Walter Phillips Art Gallery, to see a show about iconography, really great show! Our friend TJ had two pieces in it and they are great!
We than went to the Whyte Museum where my friend Julie works, and the 3 of us went out for Sushi! The Sushi House in Banff is my favorite because it has a little train that runs around the bar and you take plates of food off of the train. Bad news is, they have been orderd by health and safety to remove the train by December the first, even tho this shop has been open for like 15 years!! we signed the petition to keep the train. Next we had coffee with Kate and her friend. I bought some bearspaws at the Fudgery, Yum!. I haven't seen Kate an Julie in such a long time, it was so good to see them again. The trip was over tho, time to go home!
We saw a tonne of wildlife whiledriving through the town, a family of deer...here is a blurry photo of one

I also saw a flock of ravens hanging out down town, man those birds are big!!
Few photos due to some foggy weather. Not to worry, we'll be going again for sure!


My first Expert Inquiry

Today I got my first email from another researcher asking a question because I am a Wishbone expert. I feel so proud, not just because I got the question, but because I know the answer. What a great day!

Here's the scoop!

"Hi Hollie!

I figure this question is in your area of expertise . . . what is the name of the part of the furcula that is endochondral in origin? (see picture; double-crested cormorant). Hope your stuff is going well, and you enjoyed your Mexican conference."

Here's my response:

"Hi *, great photograph!

From what I understand, there is no part of the furcula that is endochondrial in origin. It is all dermal/membranous in origin. However, post ossification, cartilage does form due to friction (movement) in vivo. This cartilage is than ossified, causing the furcula to become thicker.

This info I remember came from one of Brian Hall's Papers (Hall, 1986, J. Embryol. exp. Morph 93:133-152). He immobilized chick embryos in vivo and found that their furculae were very reduced as compared to mobile chicks (that's an oversimplification, of course)

For information about the development of the furcula, the best paper is Russell & Joffe 1985, and all of the Hall papers on the subject.

Hope this helps,
ps, Mexico was awesome!"