More from Seattle

Finally found that waterfall!

More Seattle

Searching for Waterfalls, we found cherries, trees and rivers...

More photos from Seattle

Two more photos of Taylor having fun before he went on a cruise with Julie and Natalie!

With those 3 gone, what to do? Go out for steak of course!

Mom drank a little too much

then lost her steak sauce. Don't go near Mom searching for her steak sauce, she's vicious!

Lots more to post


We went up the Sky Needle....

Mom did not go up, due to fear of heights, but Taylor wanted her to come

One of my favorite photos of Julie and Taylor
More Photos in Seattle... OK, Taylor in Seattle

Where to begin???

I haven't posted in a long time. So sorry. Life is CRAZY. Lets see if I can catch you up on everything going on
Well, lets start with the photos from my trip to Seattle visiting Kristie and Andrew with Julie, Natalie, Taylor, and Mom... way back in July!
The first few days we spent with Julie, Natalie, and Taylor. Thus most photos are of Taylor. Can't help it, he's too darned cute!