Congratulations Tamara!

For publishing your Jewelry in Bead Style magazine! Beautiful!

Green Grows my Garden

My garden is little, but yesterday I was able to create an entire salad for dinner using only produce from my back yard! I'm so proud I took photos of it! The first photo is of the vegie garden, the second is of the herb garden, and the third is a photo of my new addition: The Earth Machine... Hopefully the machine will influence me to grow an ambitiously larger garden next summer


I did my Honours project in Dr. Hall's lab while Tim Fedak worked on his PhD. Great illustrator! See more at his website

Go Team Russell!

Friday was lab clean up day. To make it somewhat fun, we decided to make T-shirts! This is (almost) everyone in my lab. From left to right: Ranjith, Me, Pat, Megan, Heather, Dr Russell, and Eric. Don't we look excited...


The Freezer is GONE!

I would like to thank Warren, For taking the Freezer from us. I will not miss this thing.



This week we are dog-setting Clara the Newfoundlander, and Lilly the NeufxLab. Renato and I are staying at our friends Key and Curtis' house while they are in the Yukon. We get to use their van too, yipee! Most of out time will be spent taking care of the dogs. These 2 beautiful girls never want to be left alone, and spend most of their time passed out on the floor. Every morning Clara and I are going to walk to my apartment (very close) So that I can feed the cats, fish, turtle, and plants. In the afternoon Renato and I will run Lilly, who has far too much energy inside of her to share walk time with Clara. I'm so excited about this week, I miss having dogs around.
Here are beautiful (a little dull looking in this pic, but thats ok) Clara and Lilly:

Here is Clara alone (she's very stoic)

Lilly is beautiful when she poses for a camera:

But normally she loks like this:


Long Earrings

These puppies are 3 inches long. I really like them, look really good with long hair, and they aren't heavy either. The beads are copper coloured fw pearls and the little rings in between are soldered and flatened 20g rings - A bit frustrating to make but well-worth-it! If you want to look at more pics or purchase them, look here


Herbicidal Maniacs!

Sometimes I cannot believe how ass-backwards the city of Calgary is. There is a law in Calgary (although I cannot find it on their website) that states if there are too many dandelions in your yard, the city will douse it with herbicide and then bill you for it. Concerned for the parks? Not to worry, the city is already dousing them with herbicide as we speak. I think this is part of their "Healthy Yards Program" As long as it looks good we don't care how many chemicals we have to put into it. Thanks Calgary!


A Lesson Everyone Must Learn

Before I saw this video I new something in my life was missing. It is true...I did not know How to properly put on a Band Aid. But now, I know. And knowing is half the battle.


Spring Green Necklace

Here is the necklace I made from my new stash (yah)! The silver focal is solid, Shiana Thai silver (my favorite focal) as are the beads; and I made the clasp myself. I listed it here with more photos.

Gone to the mineral show

There was a mineral and fossil show here last weekend. I went, I saw, I bought! I bought a lot. this pile may not look like much, but it when you hold it it sure feels like a lot. The green quartz and fw pearls on the left have already been used in a necklace (will post pic soon) Those huge stones are green garnet. I am not sure what to do with them yet but I had to have them. The little cab in the center is a ruby zozite - I'm in love with it and will attempt to set it soon. And the silver beads are Bali silver, good price!


Kristie's Birthday Present

Sorry this was so late Kris but I'm glad you got it! I was very proud of this bracelet


A bracelet for Spring!

Thought I'd show off this lovely bracelet I made. Lots of fun stones: Cherry quartz, Peruvian opal, Amazonite, Agate, and Shiana silver! It's for sale here.

Big Fishes eating Little Fishes, what does this mean about me?

Your Animal Personality

Your Power Animal: Eagle

Animal You Were in a Past Life: Whale

You are active, a challenger, and optimistic.
Hard-working, you are always working towards a set goal.

Mmmmm! Caramel!

You Are a Caramel Crunch Donut

You're a complex creature, and you're guilty of complicating things for fun.
You've been known to sit around pondering the meaning of life...
Or at times, pondering the meaning of your doughnut.
To frost or not to frost? To fill or not to fill? These are your eternal questions.



It's my first day at the Edmonton CSZ (Canadian Society of Zoologists) Conference and I am already finished my talk. Hooray!! The text had to be in French and English, so here is my title! Cute lovebird eh? I tried to use cute photos to my advantage this time. I will have to see if it works, I am in the running for a presentation award but it is pretty stiff competition.
So now I can enjoy the Edmonton conference without stress. It mostly means going to talks, but they are short, and I get lots of coffee for free, so it is good times indeed


Greenpeace doen' it for the Whales

Sometimes I think Greenpeace overdoes it a bit, well, they did it here, but I'm going to have to applaud them with this protest against Minke Whale Poaching by a Japanese fishing vessel - I mean 'research' vessel. But since when did Research have anything to do with killing this many whales! I mean sure, collect specimens of animals that reproduce often and with lots of offspring, but whales have a huge gestation period with only one calf. I have the sad feeling that the only research done on these whales is the culinary sort...


Squid Hat. Pattern, Poem, or Both??

You be the judge, I am now intrigued to make a squid hat for my cats. But then who would win, the squid or the cat?