If only this TV series made it...

I would watch every episode!

Last two things I made before I go to Seattle

I finished up 2 more pieces before I go to visit Kris, Andrew, Mum, Julie, Nat, and Taylor!
This is a chocker with a really nice pendant... flowers and butterfiles

This bracelet is made of Chalcedony, Carnelian, and Thai silver. I made the clasp and the round silver bead

And Sal, who loves posing for the camera, got jealous of my jewelry!


I am now a member

Thought I'd join, Now I have my own logo, Ya!


Bedside Table? You shouldn't have!

Renato made a bedside table to match my dresser (which he gave me for xmas 2 years ago) Isn't it beautiful!?! It's all birch ply and weighs...well...a lot. When the Zombies come to harvest out brains I now have 2 pieces of furnature to block the doors with.
I love it

Oh, and as you can see Sal loves it too!



I made some fab cupcakes. The recipe is from This wonderful blog and I highly recommend them. You do not have to make the buttercream a sick shade of blue, but I thought it would go so well with my green walls, how could I resist!


Chess Anyone?

Renato finished his first chess board. By far the most impressive looking chess board I've ever seen! Sweet!


Kitchen Update #2

The utensil racks have now been hung 'round the stove with care. I realize now that the stove is not pushed all the way against the counter and wall, I will have to do that tonight!


Etching Copper

I've been etching copper and making some fun stuff! I like the necklace the best

More photos here


Progress in the Kitchen

I've been so excited to paint the kitchen, ever since I bought the paint and got rid of the freezer. This weekend we finally got the ball rolling!
These are that inspired the colour I picked. The colour is called citrus splash, it glows!

As you can see we are not completely done, the hardware on the walls is not up yet, and a complice reorganization has to be done. Why is it so hard to take photos of a room? I was standing in the hall outside of my place to get this shot and you really can't see very much. The kitchen is the biggest one I've lived in since Tamara's Dartmouth house. Ah well!

This is the shelving unit I got from Julie for xmas, It's been packed in its box for far too long. All of the bins are recycling. I am a bit of a recycling maniac


Our Newest Family Member

This little lady does not have a name yet, but she sure has a personality. Every morning when I mist her tank she barks in protest (which, because of her size, sounds like a squeaky toy). As you can see from the blurry photo she just cannot stop moving, (you can also see her food, a mealworm she quickly ate after this shot). She is a leopard gecko and about the length of my hand. Very Very cute. I am going to try to teach her to be handled. Any good ideas for a name??

6 Stranded Bracelet

New bracelet, very fun! 6 strands of seedbeads, little copper charm, big copper clasp. quite fun to wear! More photos here