My New Hat

I just made one fantastic trade today. It was with knittles (p://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5040064) Who are located here in Calgary! Olga traded this hat for my Crazy O necklace, a piece I really wanted to go to a good home. The hat is made of beautiful wool and matches my red coat perfectly!! Thank you Olga and Mavis for the awesome trade!


One More Reason Why I Want To Be David Attenborough When I Grow Up


When people ask me what I'm going to do with my degree, I often say I want the PhD, but in the end, I want to become the next David Attenboroug. I love how he talks about birds, and then they magically appear beside him. Its true, I'm not an old british dude, so I can't have the accent. I will have to have another gimick... Hopefully it will come clear with my increasing knowledge of birds
Thank you Bob for this link


New Toggles

I finished and listed 2 new clasps today. Judging on how fast they sold (within 2 hours!) I better get cracking on making some more. The good thing is that I made a batch of 10 bars, which are usually what take me the longest to make, so I should have 7 more finished and listed soon (one bar is for a copper chainmaille bracelet I almost have finished). I'm also itching to make some more silver findings, and I have a pendant in production that is looking good

Rectangle Copper Toggle

Square Copper Toggle

Spring Break! Party!!!

Ok, I didn't actually party (nor do I plan to) Instead we had some friends over for dinner, and I can have a relaxing week with no teaching!
Guy downstairs got his rent to the landloards just in the nick of time, so that he cannot be promptly evicted. The landloards said they will give him an eviction notice at the end of the month, but then he has 3 months to get out. He has not yet paid us the other half of the Utilities yet.


I am what I am

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Love Boat

I've been helping Renato make an auction piece for the TRUCK Valentines Fundraiser. http://www.truck.ca/. Artists were given wooden, heart-shaped boxes and were allowed to do what they wanted with them.

Renato covered the box with gel-transfer of nautical wood-cut prints.

I made the boat... its one of those boats you buy in a 'Boat in a Bottle' kit. The kits instructions were not understandable, so there was a lot of improvisation done on this little guy.

I think it turned out pretty nicely tho. The auction is tonight! Lets hope it makes some big bucks!

Happy Valentines Day!

Yes I know im late, but I still love you!


Little Crack House on the Prarie

I have to Vent...

I like my appartment a lot. The rent is going up at the end of this month, so we have been thinking about and looking for a new place. But the location is ideal, its big, it has hardwood floors and a teeny backyard, so sometimes I think I am overreacting and should just stay. Then Monday happened.

The guy that lives in the appartment below me shares 1/2 the utilities, laundry room, and the enterence to the building. Current guy has been there for 1+1/2 months. He has a little girl (<2 years) smokes a lot of pot, and has not yet paid his rent or the utilities for last month.

On Monday evening I was home on the computer when Renato came home and was talking to someone in the entery way. These 2 people were camping in our entry way! One said he was a friend of the guy downstairs, he asked Renato for money, then for a drive. Renato noticed he was trying to carve into the door jam with a skrewdriver. He kicked them out and we called the landloard. The landloard called the guy, and guy said he didn't know the people and they were not allowed in the house.

About 1/2 hour later I smelled cigarette smoke. We share a common vent with the downstairs appartment and it is a non-smoking building. I hate smoke! So Renato went down and knocked on the door. The fellow who was in the hall (trying to break in) earlier answered and told Renato he had found an open window and let himself in!! This scared the hell out of us. We called the cops. The cops came and said we had to call the tennant. Guy (tennant) told the cops over the phone that these people were his friend and they cound stay. The cops told us that these 2 people were known crack addicts and to be careful.

Great, just Great!

So then we called the landloards and told them what happened. The landloards did come over and we chatted, pretty much with the guys permission these people could stay, but the landloard said that they will do what they can to get rid of this guy. Needless to say, I did not sleep much that night.

Am I over-reacting? Supposedly guy has to be out this Saturday if he does not pay the rent by then. I really hope he does not pay, and that he is gone. I don't feel safe anymore and want to change the locks once he is gone. I also want to call the landloard on saturday, if hes not gone by then, and say its either him or us.

Guy came up last night and apologized. I listened to him, but didn't accept his apology, I can't foregive it, I;m still scared! I think this guy gets by with apologies. I actually felt like pushing him down the stairs... just a little. I can't wait until Saturday

There, I vented!


Sounds right to me!

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Bathroom Shelf

A few weeks ago Renato made a barthroom shelf, is it not the coolest? I've wanted a nice shelf for the bathroom for a while


Coat of Awesomeness +3

My New Wool Coat Is Here!!
Thank you Mom and Dad for getting it for my birthday, Thank you Kristie for trying it on, returning the too big one, and finally sending it here

In other news, my new Vet is fantastic, and Sals chin is getting better already. More photos to come!