Coat of Awesomeness +3

My New Wool Coat Is Here!!
Thank you Mom and Dad for getting it for my birthday, Thank you Kristie for trying it on, returning the too big one, and finally sending it here

In other news, my new Vet is fantastic, and Sals chin is getting better already. More photos to come!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely purple, wool coat - Love it ! I have a new black wool coat this year, it's made in France and buttons up the left hand side, it's gorgeous.I can't get enough of coats/jackets.

Hollie said...

My old wool coat is literally falling apart, although I love it so.. I needed a replacement. I think Wool coats are the best things in the whole world

Kristie said...

the coat is great. I almost kept it... but it WAS your birthday so I decided to send it to you anyway.