Little Crack House on the Prarie

I have to Vent...

I like my appartment a lot. The rent is going up at the end of this month, so we have been thinking about and looking for a new place. But the location is ideal, its big, it has hardwood floors and a teeny backyard, so sometimes I think I am overreacting and should just stay. Then Monday happened.

The guy that lives in the appartment below me shares 1/2 the utilities, laundry room, and the enterence to the building. Current guy has been there for 1+1/2 months. He has a little girl (<2 years) smokes a lot of pot, and has not yet paid his rent or the utilities for last month.

On Monday evening I was home on the computer when Renato came home and was talking to someone in the entery way. These 2 people were camping in our entry way! One said he was a friend of the guy downstairs, he asked Renato for money, then for a drive. Renato noticed he was trying to carve into the door jam with a skrewdriver. He kicked them out and we called the landloard. The landloard called the guy, and guy said he didn't know the people and they were not allowed in the house.

About 1/2 hour later I smelled cigarette smoke. We share a common vent with the downstairs appartment and it is a non-smoking building. I hate smoke! So Renato went down and knocked on the door. The fellow who was in the hall (trying to break in) earlier answered and told Renato he had found an open window and let himself in!! This scared the hell out of us. We called the cops. The cops came and said we had to call the tennant. Guy (tennant) told the cops over the phone that these people were his friend and they cound stay. The cops told us that these 2 people were known crack addicts and to be careful.

Great, just Great!

So then we called the landloards and told them what happened. The landloards did come over and we chatted, pretty much with the guys permission these people could stay, but the landloard said that they will do what they can to get rid of this guy. Needless to say, I did not sleep much that night.

Am I over-reacting? Supposedly guy has to be out this Saturday if he does not pay the rent by then. I really hope he does not pay, and that he is gone. I don't feel safe anymore and want to change the locks once he is gone. I also want to call the landloard on saturday, if hes not gone by then, and say its either him or us.

Guy came up last night and apologized. I listened to him, but didn't accept his apology, I can't foregive it, I;m still scared! I think this guy gets by with apologies. I actually felt like pushing him down the stairs... just a little. I can't wait until Saturday

There, I vented!


Steph said...

Well, if the guy doesnt leave, either you find another place to live either you tell the landlord not raise the rent... I had lots of problems like that i my old appartement( like yours i had wood on the floor and beautiful high ceilings..). But I prefered to leave the place ( for a smaller one but safer and on the country side...).
I keep my fingers crossed you find a solution..

tam said...

You are not over-reacting at all! Stand your ground - the minute you even think you *need* to call the cops, the problem is too big. I'm sure your landlord will evict - money wins out in the end, how will he pay the new increase if he can't pay now??
got my fingers crossed for you

Anonymous said...

You are NOT over-reacting! Keep an eye out, Hollie. Make sure you are always locked in, and if you feel unsafe keep calling the police. Call the police, call the police. And every time you do, call the landlord and tell him you've just had to call the police again. I think I'd be looking to move too, though. I'll be thinking about you, hoping that come Saturday the problem will fix itself.


Anonymous said...

Hollie - Nothing is more important than your safety.That is scary.Mark & I have had problems like that when we lived in a building, we were collecting rent etc.I slammed the door on a guy that came to my door once and almost took his face off, he totally creeped me out.I would tell the owner to kick him out or you'll be going and if he's smart, he'll do what you've asked because, you pay your rent and are reliable.He should be thankful you keep an eye on the buliding for him.

Hollie said...

Thank you so much for you support. I'm starting to feel better now