2 weeks ago

We had some hail

Most of my plants were desroyed by the pummeling. Luckally the car was not dented

Two days later it rained

...and flooded. the rest of my plants were drowned.

last weekend Ren and I went to the garden center and bought more plants to restock: Photos tomorrow!


Riley and Mattie

Now that the pup is at home with Mom she can spend her time getting used to Mom's older dog, Mattie. Right now, It's hard to tell if they will ever get along...


Mom's New Pup

Puppy goes home today, Mom has already done some bonding on previous visits

So cute!


3 Days in Kananaskis

On June the 5th my art class went to the Kananaskis Research Station for 3 days, 2 nights. I fell in love with this place and wish I could move out there for the rest of my degree! The lodging was super clean, there were cooks who made food for you, good food, and the views were spectacular!
My only sadness is that I didn't explore outside of the station grounds, mostly because of the intense drawing I was doing inside. I will visit again to be sure
Here is the station:

I fell in love with the Richardson's ground squirrels and Barn swallows

Here are some things I was drawing, you can see a sketch of the nest behind it a little. I drew a lot more. I hope to figure out how to photograph them soon