A video to cheer you up!

Nothing cheers me up more than a cockatoo dancing to Backstreet Boys


We're Moving!

We weren't expecting to find a great appartment in an amazing part of town, but thanks for dear Wendy's sharp eyes, we will be moving on January 1st! The unexpected-ness means we have to find a new tennent for this appartment, but since housing is so hard to find in Calgary I 'Hope' it won't be too hard

The house is on the other side of the downtown, further away from the university (my work) and closer to Renato's work. BUT its very close to the C-train (monorail) and that goes straight to the university, so really we are in a better position

The area is called Inglewood, it was once the bad part of town but is becomming the hip part of town. Our place is in a residential area up on a hill, You can see the Saddledome from the view

There are so many good things about this place i'm gushing

First... It's PEACH!

I admit this is a bad photo of the place, but we get the whole top floor

Also It has a secret cat area (cats only) outside!

It is illegal to let cats out in Calgary, so this will be so nice for Sal and Inertia. There is a cat door in one of the bedroom windows

Other highlights: huge kitchen, all hardwood floors, no shared utilities with other tennents, rain barrels outside, a real backyard, a neighborhood pigeon to take care of


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sorry I'm a day late.
I went to Banff, and had Turkey with Renato and all other artists at his program.
I like Turkey Buffets a LOT

Mr Turkey says Happy Turkey Day to you too!



a great book, if your interested in morphology!