Barbarella's Second Week

Week 1 went by really well... week 2 went even better! Barbarella now stays out with Sal and Inertia when we are at work. Sal has definitely fallen in love with her. If she holds still long enough he'll give her a grooming, but for now he just licks her face whenever he can.

He likes to sleep in her room with her too!

Inertia does not beat Barbaarella up when she walks by, this is a very good sign

Barbarella likes to be near me when I'm working at my desk, which can be a problem when im trying to type. When she sleeps it melts your heart tho


Another day with the kitten

Barbarella spent today outside of her room

Shes been spending time up on my desk, mostly typing for me

But sometimes she sleeps in her kitty bed, which includes right now

I also frosted some cupcakes I made yesterday. Not bad for using a vegie bag from safeway

of course the top photo is of the best one, after a while new holes started to appear in the bag, and I got sloppy. Still they are tasty!



Our new kitten is Barbarella

We adopted her from the Meow Foundation

I havent gotten a photo of it yet, but she really does love rolling around on a shag carpet

It can only get better from here


Its Here!!!!

Pay Attention To ME

Theres something strange going on in this house

Its making Inertia Twitchy

Theres something hidden behind this door, I know there is...

Its in my carrier

On my fleece!!!!

oh the mystery!


More New House Photos..... The calm before the storm...

More things about our place

Retro lamps in the hallways

Another phone nook!

A bathtub the colour of toothpaste!!!!!

The cat run is great, but too cold and snowy today

Sal prefers sleeping on my new throw

But doesn't want to be photographed

I took the best photo of Inertia tho, soo intense


Oh Moving!

Moving has been hectic and tiring, but we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some photos of the progress

We found out 3 days before we had to leave that the landlords wanted us to paint the kitchen back to grey. It was really annoying, not only because fo the short time span but the landlords didnt know what the origonal colour was and we had to buy the paint!

The end product is nice and bland. Even Sal hates the colour

Our last night in the place had us living in the living room, trying to keep everything else clean

Sal loves the new apartment, especially his new kitty bed!

The new living room is enormous, we didnt realize that until our landlords moved out, 'cause they have a lot of stuff. We realized we would need some new furnature to fill the place a bit

The kitchen was where things started out in, then they slowly were unpacked, you see why im still not done yet?

Our living room has all of it furnature, no paint, and seems kinda empty. It echos still. Notice the new chair, Inertia sleeps in it all day.

What I need to do after painting is put some blinds over those flowery windows, maybe put a painting over that big permanant mirror, and get a little rug to tie it all together. Any ideas on what colour the living room should be? I don't have a clue

The walls in the hall will stay white because they have a beautiful inlay in them. I'm not sure if its carved out of the drywall or what but it looks origonal

Now the kitchen is the most done of the rooms. I havent painted it yet, but most things are in their place and we even had friends over for dinner the other night. Around the oven it especially looks pleasing

Renato got a magnet bar for our keys, I like that idea a lot. I want to put castors on the trunk

THis is my new desk Renato made, the legs are from IKEA and he made the top out of birch plywood. I have to sand it and put a coat of lacquer on it but it fits perfectly into the space.

And finally we bought some shelving units from IKEA, this one is in the living room. I love the legs on it and I'm trying to arrange the books by colour.


My Advisor on TV

Here's the link to my advisor getting interviewed on TV. He studies Geckos feet!


Christmas with the Burkes

We've been very busy moving and traveling the last few weeks! We spent christmas with Kristie and Andrew in their new house in Seattle. It was awesome to play video games and lounge in the hot tub for a week! Kristie was taking care of 2 dogs for a friend, so there were 6 dogs in the house, including 2 puppies. If you want to see some puppy photos check out Kristies Blog. Every night sweet Rocko slept with us, he liked sicking my forehead when I was asleep

One of the greatest events we went to was Snowflake Lane in Belleview
They get people to dress us as toy soldiers and play christmas music while flashing lights, then... after you think you cant take it any more... they spray fake snow foam on the crowd. It was christmas eve and the street was packed!

Heres a movie to show off the snow

The mall in belleview had some great glass sculptures in it too

After the event we went to the Melting Pot for some christmas eve fondu! Christmas day was awesome and the whole trip was great fun. I'm so thankfut Kristie and Andrew invited us for christmas. It took our minds off the stress of moving