Barbarella's Second Week

Week 1 went by really well... week 2 went even better! Barbarella now stays out with Sal and Inertia when we are at work. Sal has definitely fallen in love with her. If she holds still long enough he'll give her a grooming, but for now he just licks her face whenever he can.

He likes to sleep in her room with her too!

Inertia does not beat Barbaarella up when she walks by, this is a very good sign

Barbarella likes to be near me when I'm working at my desk, which can be a problem when im trying to type. When she sleeps it melts your heart tho


Wanda said...

Oh her fur looks so soft Hollie! I just want to snug her:)


andee said...

Hollie, awwww, what a cutie! I can totally understand that Sal keeps licking her face! :o)