Art Class Show

The Biology drawing class I took had a show in August. It was fun to put up our work, attach lables, and make all of our friends come and see (we made lots of food for the opening too!) Renato gave me a boquet of flowers at the opening which was super nice. I can't say I like ALL of my drawings. But I did learn a lot in this class and I will keep practicing
Here is what I submitted:
(You can click on them to make them bigger)
Wild Strawberry

Chicken Pelvis

Giraffe Vertebra

Cowbird - Adaptation Presentation

Cowbird - Detail of Nest

Cowbird - Detail of Specimen

Stag Beetle


Back to real life!

Since I've gotten back from Paris, I've been trying to really get some work done. Up until last week I had a volunteer working for me all summer helping dissect birds. Shes the best and I will miss her a lot. So now I have to process those birds, measure, photograph, as well as finish other measurements off of images, and write the whole thesis thing

I am also going to start teaching a brand new subject this fall.... Embryology! Its a tough course but has some nice benifits for the TA. No marking or out of class consoling. Lots of prep work (I've been doing the labs myself for the past 3 weeks and have just 3 more to finish) The big perk is my own little office! Its small and has now windows, but it is for me! (At least for 4 months)

Here is the teaching lab

My desk

Refridgerator for my lunch!

I also got a haircut... look fringe!! I had so much fun at the hairdressers, I wish I could go every week!


More photos of Paris

Did I mention we took over 600 photos on our trip? Here are a few more: