Back to real life!

Since I've gotten back from Paris, I've been trying to really get some work done. Up until last week I had a volunteer working for me all summer helping dissect birds. Shes the best and I will miss her a lot. So now I have to process those birds, measure, photograph, as well as finish other measurements off of images, and write the whole thesis thing

I am also going to start teaching a brand new subject this fall.... Embryology! Its a tough course but has some nice benifits for the TA. No marking or out of class consoling. Lots of prep work (I've been doing the labs myself for the past 3 weeks and have just 3 more to finish) The big perk is my own little office! Its small and has now windows, but it is for me! (At least for 4 months)

Here is the teaching lab

My desk

Refridgerator for my lunch!

I also got a haircut... look fringe!! I had so much fun at the hairdressers, I wish I could go every week!

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