Oh Sal!

Sal's going to the Vet again, this Wednesday.
He's got a fat lip
Sal's had this problem before, he just needed some cortisone shots to get rid of it, no big deal... to me
Little does Sal know....

Check out those wiskers! Sal, even with a fat lip you sure are handsome!

Shiny Silver Beads

I made some beads this weekend. I had the need to make something simple, I don't think you can get much simpler than this! They are nice and heavy and perfectly shiny. Less than 1/2" diameter


More Christmas Photos?

The next few days of my Christmas vacation are covered in Kristie's blog. I dodn't take any photos of it:
Seattle Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

More Christmas vacation pictures

Once We go to Kristie's in Seattle we wanted to get some local exposure. Kris and Andrew took is to Dim Sum and then Pike's Place Market. It was fabulous and fun. We bought Seafood and fresh pasta for dinner that night, we checked out lots of crafty stuff, were amazed by the Shoe Museum. This thing will blow your mind!

There was a Magic shop right beside the shoe museum, naturally

We didn't have to worry about feeling blue, not when FREE HUGS were offered outside

Andrew, unfortunately, does not like getting hugs that much

Since the drive to Seattle was snowy and slushy and muddy, Renato and I decided to give the FIT a good scrubbing. I believe this is the first photo of our glorious FIT, it is not beautiful!



Sorry, I haven't posted in a little bit
This should occupy you for the next few days


An Inertia Break

Inertia gave me a rare photographing oppertunity. She believes her green pillow brings out the green in her eyes. I agree!

Christmas Continued

After my exam (well my students exam, that I had to watch them write and then mark) Renato and I took off for Seattle to spend Christmas and New Years with Kristie and Andrew! The cats were taken care of by some good friends, and the lizard went to stay with her breeder. All was good.
First we drove over the Rockies!

This was a strange thing. Right before Revelstoke they are building what looks to be a bridge... going from one mountain to another mountain. There does not seem to be towns on either sides... or roads... and its really high. I am hoping they are building a cross-country monorail!!


Photos from Christmas

I'm finally posting some photos from Christmas!!
Lets start with my earle trip to Winnipeg. We went to visit Renato's family. We decided to bring the cats, and it worked out pretty well, except the first night, when we lost Inertia...we found her after 5 hours, hiding in the ceeling of the basement. The cats prefered to stay in our guest room after that. They really liked the bunk beds!
Driving to Winnipeg from Calgary takes 18 hours through flat, flat, praries. I liked taking photos out of the window of cute little farmhouses and grain elevators. Both ways we ran into some nasty weather. I took photos of truks gone off the road, but we did not go off the road
So far the new car (Honda Fit) is working out perfectly! I will have photos of it up soon

Inertia Started out uncomfortable

Renato and his family

The cats are OK now!

Driving back I took lots of photos

The cats had free run of the back seat, but they prefered snuggeling in their cage

Can you tell I was a bit bored?

This truck was off the road, not us tho!

Yellow and Red: Snowplow Ahead!

These are my 3 favorite shots


My Christmas Jewelry Exchange Present

I entered a Christmas jewelry exchange this year over WetCanvas; the bracelet I sent out is in the post below. This is what I got from the exchange!!! Isn't it beautiful!!! The Artist, Shirley Cook (http://www.jumpingjackglass.com/) made the glass leaf and woven cord herself. This piece is beyond beautiful. She also included one of her holiday leaves for me. I have been drooling over her lampwork for a long time, so I feel honored to have two of her beautiful creations now. Thank you Shirley!


Pan's Labyrinth - It Blew My Mind

I'm not kidding! Renato and I went to an early screening at the Uptown the other night.
See this movie!!! Its amazing, beautiful, scarry, sad, happy, Everything!
I had some strange dreams after watching it.
I hope it gets an Oscar

This movie is Spanish with English subtitles. It is NOT for children


The Diner of my Dreams!

This morning I was not feeling very good, I had a headache. Renato took me out to my most favorite Diner to cheer me up. Diner Deluxe!!! I wish I brought my Camera because the decor is so amazing. I had the Maple Fried Oatmeal with Lemon Curd and Cream. Yum!! I will definitely be going there again


Late Christmas Greetings!

Hello and so sorry for my absense! I finally got better and soon ehough I was off for a Holiday Visiting Extravaganza! Before photos of the holidays, I'll show off some pieces that were for xmas presents, ordered or from me!
These are some bracelets I made for my sister, Julie, to give to her friends:

Here is a bracelet I made for a christmas exchange

And finally, this is a Gold-fill bracelet I made for Renato's Mum: