Photos from Christmas

I'm finally posting some photos from Christmas!!
Lets start with my earle trip to Winnipeg. We went to visit Renato's family. We decided to bring the cats, and it worked out pretty well, except the first night, when we lost Inertia...we found her after 5 hours, hiding in the ceeling of the basement. The cats prefered to stay in our guest room after that. They really liked the bunk beds!
Driving to Winnipeg from Calgary takes 18 hours through flat, flat, praries. I liked taking photos out of the window of cute little farmhouses and grain elevators. Both ways we ran into some nasty weather. I took photos of truks gone off the road, but we did not go off the road
So far the new car (Honda Fit) is working out perfectly! I will have photos of it up soon

Inertia Started out uncomfortable

Renato and his family

The cats are OK now!

Driving back I took lots of photos

The cats had free run of the back seat, but they prefered snuggeling in their cage

Can you tell I was a bit bored?

This truck was off the road, not us tho!

Yellow and Red: Snowplow Ahead!

These are my 3 favorite shots

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of your Holiday ! The cats are so very cute.My Daughter & Son both take pics all the time when we're in the car.