Sorry, I haven't posted in a little bit
This should occupy you for the next few days


Anonymous said...

Oh my word - This is way too cute ! I was just looking at my cat thinking I should knit him a hat but, he would be very angry I think.

Hollie said...

I have been dreaming of knitting a hat for my cats too, but know they prefer sleeping 'on' my knitting, not wearing it

Anonymous said...

My cat, August,made himself a bed this Christmas with a box from my sons winter boots.He took this huge gray sweater vest he drags throughout the house and he put it in this box, perfectly, every corner was covered and then hauled the box from underneath the tree and slept in it.I of course leave it this way and he sleeps in it daily.I guess he wanted a bed for Christmas.How sad he had to make his own.