Entertainment while packing

I've been sick the past few days, so I've been working at home and packing at the same time
Inertia has seen my boredom and decided to entertain me!
Thanks Inertia

I've also noticed that Inertia has more friends on facebook than Sal. I guess its because of her awesome name, but it makes Sal sad.


Hadrosaur Mummy

How awesome it is they found a Hadrosaur with fossilized muscles, skin, and ligaments!

Dino Mummy
There is a statement in the article I found a little strange

"The findings from Dakota may cause museums to rethink their dinosaur displays. Most dinosaur skeletons in museums, for example, show the vertebrae right next to one another. The researchers looking at Dakota found a gap of about a centimetre between each one.

That indicates there may have been a disk or other material between them, allowing more flexibility and meaning the animals may actually be longer than shown in museums."

So they didn't think dinosaurs had intervertebral discs? Even tho other vertebrates have them? Curious
I do like that they are CT scanning the thing tho and not ripping it apart