great video


Summer is tough on the cats

Its so hot all you can do is sleep

But THEN you have to do the laundry!


I finally uploaded some photos

Sorry these are a bit late, I lost that cord that connects your camera to your computer

But! I borrowed a friends today so here are some from last month
I didnt actually go to the stampede, but I live right above it, so we has fireworks every night and restricted access to our neighborhood, that was awesome
The downside was I couldnt walk through the stampede grounds to get to the C-train, which sucks


Those crazy stampede drunks do the silliest things, like putting parking signs in the river...

silly silly


Great things for sale in Calgary

I love looking up stuff up on Craigslist and Used Calgary. But right now I'm broke, so if you are in the market for finding some amazing antiques and vintage furnature (And you live in Calgary) you might wanna check out these

Antique vanity

Retro room divider

Classy chair


Yup, I'm still working on my thesis

Not much to say, so here is one of my illustrations!


My big comfy guilty pleasure

I splurged 2 weeks ago, big time! Even tho I am incredibly poor at the moment with wedding planning and summer pay (which is worse than regular grad student pay) when I saw this chair... I had to have it

There is an amazing antique store down the street from us...
This beauty is an original chair from the Banff Springs Hotel lobby. They recently renovated the hotel, and the chairs were cast fourth into the world

The fabric is a pale olive green with brown. I'm positive the wood is oak, and the springs and fabric are not warn at all

Inertia decided i bought the chair for her


What the World Eats

A very interesting photo essay from Time here


Our newest Neighbor

Ronen has already flown across the country and back, good thing hes a portable size


My silly silly foot

6 days ago I had a bunionectomy, pretty much 'cause my foot was growing too wide to wear shoes. Painful the first 3 days, not bad now, I am told by my booklet that by day 10 I should be able to walk without crutches, yay!

I like that they had to put a 'X' to make sure they were doing the right foot


Best Cat video ever

Some youtube videos are made in heaven (by engineers), this is one of them.


More from the love bucket

I can't resist posting more love bucket photos... I take one every few days actually

I also bought some tulips this weekend. Good thing I did to, as it snowed today and that made me sad


Chuck Norris

A jackrabbit has been living in our back yard

He lives under the camper

I named him Chuck Norris


I Made Fish Cakes

And they were surprisingly good!
The recipe is salmon cakes with garlic-spinach sauté an I found the recipe off of Splatgirl Creates which happens to be one of my favorite house design blogs (her house is amazing!)

So Fish cakes can be quite good! Who knew?


Mom Made Me Socks

I love new Socks!

In other news, Inertia really digs the new couch

Sal still really digs Barbarella

All is good


Backyard wildlife

I'm completely in love with the wildlife that wonders into our new backyard. I will try to get some good photos of everything I see. The other day this Northern flicker (Colaptes auratus) danced around our bird feeder. Looking up the species, its a male western red-shafted flicker

Here is our new couch! Its an IKEA leather couch that I bought off of craigslist, I couldn't be happier 'cause its in perfect condition and theres no way I could afford a leather couch otherwise


Sorry for not posting!

Here are some photos of Sal and Barbarella to make up for the lost time!


Walking to work

The other day I took my camara when I walked to school
The walk from our new place is really nice, you see the whole city skyline

Lots of stairs to go down

Then across the river to the Stampede grounds


Barbarella's Second Week

Week 1 went by really well... week 2 went even better! Barbarella now stays out with Sal and Inertia when we are at work. Sal has definitely fallen in love with her. If she holds still long enough he'll give her a grooming, but for now he just licks her face whenever he can.

He likes to sleep in her room with her too!

Inertia does not beat Barbaarella up when she walks by, this is a very good sign

Barbarella likes to be near me when I'm working at my desk, which can be a problem when im trying to type. When she sleeps it melts your heart tho


Another day with the kitten

Barbarella spent today outside of her room

Shes been spending time up on my desk, mostly typing for me

But sometimes she sleeps in her kitty bed, which includes right now

I also frosted some cupcakes I made yesterday. Not bad for using a vegie bag from safeway

of course the top photo is of the best one, after a while new holes started to appear in the bag, and I got sloppy. Still they are tasty!



Our new kitten is Barbarella

We adopted her from the Meow Foundation

I havent gotten a photo of it yet, but she really does love rolling around on a shag carpet

It can only get better from here