Green Garnet Necklace

I've finished the necklace I've been dreaming of making to go with the copper inlay toggle. Its 17" long, green garnets and bali silver strung on black silk.

The necklace is quite heavy, but thanks to its short length, it doesn't pull you down! I especially like it when the clasp is in the front and this piece reminds me that I MUST get a neck form because photographing it is almost impossible.

So... more photos of it later when I have better equipment


Saturday = Ikea day!

We spent another fun saturday at Ikea. This time it was rather rushed, because Ren had a meeting soon after, and the place was very very crowded (due to the nasty snow outsude)
We still got everything we wanted and more:
I got a couple of SLOM jars to store some jewlery making chemicals

We got one of these super-cool hangers for Rens good pants

and a rolling, self watering planter for out tomatoes
(no photo found :( )
Ren got a desk for work. they needed it to be tiny and induatrial looking:

And finally our new V√ĄTTERN under the sink shelf is so needed in our appartment, as there is 0 storage in the bathroom. I 'm thrilled there is no longer a pile of bottles on top of the toilet tank

the only problems is that these CAPITA legs we got for it make the cabinet too tall. I'm particularly bummed because they are pretty chrome, so now I have to find shorter chrome legs to fit under the thing, any suggestions?

Overall, very good trip


Toggles gone right

I've been working on some new techniques with toggles, these are 2 that actually turned out!

This one will be in a necklace i've been dreaming of making for quite some time: Copper with silver solder inlay and silver bar

Brass toggle #1! I like working with the brass more than I thought. Its because I have some brass solder. If only I could find some copper solder!


For anyone interested

In the Evolution/Creationist debate, this is an excellent website



Renato Made a Ring

Cool No?

Scrabble with Lori and Mojo

Yesterday we went to Lori's house for some BBQ and Scrabble
BBQ was awesome, despite the thick layer of snow covering everyhting

Mojo is much bigger than the last time we saw him. He is so cute tho! 8 months old, very big on chewing everything!

Mojo is a Shiba Inu

After the BBQ we played some Scrabble, Renato kicked Lori and my asses. Thats why we don't look very amused


Even more Toggles

I'm on a roll!

New Hair Colour

I've needed to do this for a long time...

Not perminant, but closer to my natural colour than before. Someday soon I'll have it completely back to the natural colour. Next thing on the agenda... a badly needed haircut!


"My best friend said...

...that if you were a few years younger he'd date you" - Student
"Uh... thanks! I think?" - Hollie

Flowers on Brass

Don't know what I will do with this yet, but it turned out great!