Saturday = Ikea day!

We spent another fun saturday at Ikea. This time it was rather rushed, because Ren had a meeting soon after, and the place was very very crowded (due to the nasty snow outsude)
We still got everything we wanted and more:
I got a couple of SLOM jars to store some jewlery making chemicals

We got one of these super-cool hangers for Rens good pants

and a rolling, self watering planter for out tomatoes
(no photo found :( )
Ren got a desk for work. they needed it to be tiny and induatrial looking:

And finally our new V√ĄTTERN under the sink shelf is so needed in our appartment, as there is 0 storage in the bathroom. I 'm thrilled there is no longer a pile of bottles on top of the toilet tank

the only problems is that these CAPITA legs we got for it make the cabinet too tall. I'm particularly bummed because they are pretty chrome, so now I have to find shorter chrome legs to fit under the thing, any suggestions?

Overall, very good trip


Anonymous said...

Great new things Hollie !

Hollie said...

I like shopping at IKEA!