My Long Walk

It's amazing how the camera exagerates distances. I took this when I was walking across a schools sports field, on the way to work. The tracks showed that someone attempted to crosscountry ski the field, but it also looked like they could only do the snowplow. This pic was from this past Saturday, and it looks like it is snowing out again today.


More Snow?

I can't help but post some pics of the snow here. We've had a pretty mild winter right up until February, than it got cold...and then it snowed 3 days straight. For some reason I was glad to see the snow come. It doesn't seem like winter without it! This is a pic of the University C-train station, It is from an overpass I walk across every day as I walk to the University. And the road that runs paralle to it. I love the sky in this photo. Calgary has to have the prettiest sky.



New Blog!

I've been having too many problems with my MSN blog, so I got fed-up and erased it. I'm starting fresh with this one. I hope it treats me well (and visa-versa). I'll start posting some stuff in it as soon as I can.