More Toggles

New Toggles are finally at my Etsy store:

I should have a few more comming soon too, and perhaps a new shape!


Saturday = Dinner Party

This Saturday we had the awesomest dinner party to date

The Challenge: One Vegetarian and One Nut Allergy

The Solution: marthstewart.com

I should have taken some photos of the food, but didn't so you will have to use your imaginations
I made Broccoli Calzones, fried chickpeas, and lentil green curry with tofu
Renato made vegetable and chicken (separately) skewers with sweet sauce
Dessert was a banana tart, which I've made before but thought would go perfectly

Erin and Jason brought over a beautiful bunch of flowers which I just had to take photos of. Inertia especially loved this bunch of flowers, making it a little difficult to photograph them in the sun.


Dotty Setting

On Friday we spent the night with out friends dog Dotty, she was alone for the night and needed some company

Dotty doesn't like having her photo taken much, but she does like belly rubs!



Renato and I went to get out taxes done yesterday at the H&R

We were planning on having to pay back probably $2000, because Renato's last job did not pay into taxes... so we had saved up.
However, we also started a small joint buisness last year. What a great idea that was! In the end both Ren and I got a *little* bit of cash back. The saved up $$ can go onto student loans and nasty credit, yay!!!

I tried to hug the tax lady, she did not let me complete the gesture.


Another Wacky Spot

This comming Wednesday, Ikea's big sale will be on the MARKÖR TV storage unit, Regularly $399, on sale for $199!!

It's beautiful, but even with the $200 markdown, it is out of my price range. I am hoping one of these Wednesdays there will be a nice area rug on sale, because mine's not looking so hot anymore


I did it

I finally got up enough courage to propose to Renato
I did it this Sunday, in the park, it was snowy and cold but I even did it standing on a nice little footbridge
Here is the ring I gave him (the one on the top)

its made from the wood of a wine barel, made by Craftsman (craftsman.etsy.com)
And... He said YES! So I'm engaged


Hollie Buys Stuff

I don't usually buy a lot of stuff most of the time. Yesterday was an exception. It was Wacky Wednesday at IKEA, so one item was at a CRAZY low price. This time it was a TOVIK wadrobe: Normally $269 - Yesterday $69!!!

Renato is going to turn it into a Jewelry bench, it will take some time, and hopefully I can post some progress photos, but it should turn out awesome
Renato put it together yesterday so we could get an idea of what we are working with. Nailing made a lot of noise and guy downstairs got a little miffed. Ne said some not so nice things while banging on the celing. OOPS! He's probably more pissed bacause I asked him not to smoke in the building.

I also bought some pillows so that I could finally use the pillow covers Julie and Natalie gave us for Christmas, they are a beautiful creamsicle colour!

Did you see what they got Sal and Inertia for christmas? Sweet!

I also came home to find 2 books I ordered on Amazon 2 weeks ago had already arrived! I am very excited to look through both of them, it'll take some tim tho... they are both HUGE!


Happy Pi Day!!

March 14th is Pi day!

Time to go celibrate the area of a circle, and other great things you can figure out from Pi

Yay Pi


Sunday at the Truck

I finally have some photos of the Truck
Here's the building

Renato loves those doors!

This is the door to the gallery proper, We found out today it is all copper! Ren wants to shine it up, I think it'll look great!

This is the Entry way

This is the gallery proper

The flash makes the gallery look a bit strange, and there is more around the corner.


Let me talk about my hair...

I don't normally talk about products on my blog, but why the heck not?
Yesterday I bought Dove Deep Conditioning Treatment because I need a really good conditioner (due to the dry Calgary) and it was on sale. Today I have decided I very much love this product, as I cannot stop running my fingers through my hair. This you might think could be destracting at work, but today I marked midterms and read papers, so it was not very distracting for me or my co-workers (As far as I can tell)

In other news... The crack addict below me has not paid this months utilities, surprise! It was a week overdue Sunday, so I put a nice note on his door. The notes will become increasingly rude as the days progress. The landlord is going to take over the utility bills and just charge us on a month-to-month basis. but changing accounts is a very hard thing for the Calgary electricity and gas companies to do, so it will take them 2 months to process.

The lab is starting to smell like cirtus... but not in a good way... I think I will go home now




Renato is now officially the new director of the Truck Contemporary Art Gallery in Calgary!

I could not find any photos of the gallery itself online so I will have to go and take some. Its a really wonderful space

Instead I found these fun logos and animations