Hollie Buys Stuff

I don't usually buy a lot of stuff most of the time. Yesterday was an exception. It was Wacky Wednesday at IKEA, so one item was at a CRAZY low price. This time it was a TOVIK wadrobe: Normally $269 - Yesterday $69!!!

Renato is going to turn it into a Jewelry bench, it will take some time, and hopefully I can post some progress photos, but it should turn out awesome
Renato put it together yesterday so we could get an idea of what we are working with. Nailing made a lot of noise and guy downstairs got a little miffed. Ne said some not so nice things while banging on the celing. OOPS! He's probably more pissed bacause I asked him not to smoke in the building.

I also bought some pillows so that I could finally use the pillow covers Julie and Natalie gave us for Christmas, they are a beautiful creamsicle colour!

Did you see what they got Sal and Inertia for christmas? Sweet!

I also came home to find 2 books I ordered on Amazon 2 weeks ago had already arrived! I am very excited to look through both of them, it'll take some tim tho... they are both HUGE!


Anonymous said...

Wow what a great Wardrobe Hollie.I don't buy much either actually and always look for the sales.When I started buying from Tamara and yourself and had made a decision to break down and purchase something, support fellow artists.Which I don't regret doing.That's awful, that guy smokes in your building.Some people can have such disregard for others around them.Your pillows are amazing as well as the cats dishes and mat.Very cute !

Hollie said...

Thank you Sheri!
I'm a bargain hunter too, its all about the thrill of the hunt! But when I get into an IKEA i tend to splurge

Kristie said...

I'm totally becoming a wacky wednesday addict!

tam said...

the Ikea talk is NO FAIR.