Saturday = Dinner Party

This Saturday we had the awesomest dinner party to date

The Challenge: One Vegetarian and One Nut Allergy

The Solution: marthstewart.com

I should have taken some photos of the food, but didn't so you will have to use your imaginations
I made Broccoli Calzones, fried chickpeas, and lentil green curry with tofu
Renato made vegetable and chicken (separately) skewers with sweet sauce
Dessert was a banana tart, which I've made before but thought would go perfectly

Erin and Jason brought over a beautiful bunch of flowers which I just had to take photos of. Inertia especially loved this bunch of flowers, making it a little difficult to photograph them in the sun.


tam said...

sounds great Hollie and knowing you two, there would be piles of amazing, tasty dishes.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture !

Alex Fleisig said...

that cat looks like it could be rocco's long lost brother... I'm calling rocco right away to inform him.