Shoes by Jenna Kate

So comfy, and stylish!

More toggles you say?

Correct, I've been experimenting with etching ovals. Ovals are new to me, I was getting too comfortable with the circles I realized, so I was up for the challenge. Some ovals did not turn out, I'm not showing you those... These are the good ones!

What the heck! one circle never hurt anyone, did it?


Earrings from last night

I like them!! Copper is so fun to work with


The Cat came Back

Good news~ Renato heard mewing from the bedroom window last night. Inertia was there - scared out of her mind. When I came home she greeted me at the door. Her nose and paws are a little dirty (normally they are gleaming white) but other than that shes the same old Inertia.
Sorry to worry anyone!


Have you seen this Kitty?

I'm flying back tomorrow morning (thank goodness!) Renato contacted me today that Inertia has disappeared. Oh No!!! I'm in a huge state of panic right now, and really wishing I was home. Inertial does not go out ever, so I'm worried she is hiding somewhere terrified. I'll post more updates, but if you are in the Calgary NW area, keep an eye out for my kitty!