More from the love bucket

I can't resist posting more love bucket photos... I take one every few days actually

I also bought some tulips this weekend. Good thing I did to, as it snowed today and that made me sad


Chuck Norris

A jackrabbit has been living in our back yard

He lives under the camper

I named him Chuck Norris


I Made Fish Cakes

And they were surprisingly good!
The recipe is salmon cakes with garlic-spinach sauté an I found the recipe off of Splatgirl Creates which happens to be one of my favorite house design blogs (her house is amazing!)

So Fish cakes can be quite good! Who knew?


Mom Made Me Socks

I love new Socks!

In other news, Inertia really digs the new couch

Sal still really digs Barbarella

All is good


Backyard wildlife

I'm completely in love with the wildlife that wonders into our new backyard. I will try to get some good photos of everything I see. The other day this Northern flicker (Colaptes auratus) danced around our bird feeder. Looking up the species, its a male western red-shafted flicker

Here is our new couch! Its an IKEA leather couch that I bought off of craigslist, I couldn't be happier 'cause its in perfect condition and theres no way I could afford a leather couch otherwise