Christmas with the Burkes

We've been very busy moving and traveling the last few weeks! We spent christmas with Kristie and Andrew in their new house in Seattle. It was awesome to play video games and lounge in the hot tub for a week! Kristie was taking care of 2 dogs for a friend, so there were 6 dogs in the house, including 2 puppies. If you want to see some puppy photos check out Kristies Blog. Every night sweet Rocko slept with us, he liked sicking my forehead when I was asleep

One of the greatest events we went to was Snowflake Lane in Belleview
They get people to dress us as toy soldiers and play christmas music while flashing lights, then... after you think you cant take it any more... they spray fake snow foam on the crowd. It was christmas eve and the street was packed!

Heres a movie to show off the snow

The mall in belleview had some great glass sculptures in it too

After the event we went to the Melting Pot for some christmas eve fondu! Christmas day was awesome and the whole trip was great fun. I'm so thankfut Kristie and Andrew invited us for christmas. It took our minds off the stress of moving

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