Last two things I made before I go to Seattle

I finished up 2 more pieces before I go to visit Kris, Andrew, Mum, Julie, Nat, and Taylor!
This is a chocker with a really nice pendant... flowers and butterfiles

This bracelet is made of Chalcedony, Carnelian, and Thai silver. I made the clasp and the round silver bead

And Sal, who loves posing for the camera, got jealous of my jewelry!


Anonymous said...

I love the bracelet !!! Gorgeous Hollie ! The kitty getting jealous is something I'm fimilar with here.My kitty has been knocking over my vases of flowers for fun lately and he walked over my face about 20 times in three hours this morning, for me to get up and feed him.You should see the picture in my blog of him with his angry face on ! He's way too funny ! :)

Hollie said...

Too funny Sheri! I'm glad I'm not alone