This week we are dog-setting Clara the Newfoundlander, and Lilly the NeufxLab. Renato and I are staying at our friends Key and Curtis' house while they are in the Yukon. We get to use their van too, yipee! Most of out time will be spent taking care of the dogs. These 2 beautiful girls never want to be left alone, and spend most of their time passed out on the floor. Every morning Clara and I are going to walk to my apartment (very close) So that I can feed the cats, fish, turtle, and plants. In the afternoon Renato and I will run Lilly, who has far too much energy inside of her to share walk time with Clara. I'm so excited about this week, I miss having dogs around.
Here are beautiful (a little dull looking in this pic, but thats ok) Clara and Lilly:

Here is Clara alone (she's very stoic)

Lilly is beautiful when she poses for a camera:

But normally she loks like this:

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