One Week In DC!

My first week here is finished, Yay! I find it really warm and humid, but I think I am starting to acclimatized. So far I have had strange encounters with a lot of insects; went grocery shopping 2 times, laundry cleaning 1 time; I met a beautiful Great Dane named Zero, and spent every possible hour in the museum collections. So... No sight-seeing photos so far. This photo I gotta post because I was amazed by the size of this bug! (twice the size of my thumb)

And it was pretty, and didn't attack me (all qualities I admire in bugs) I've seen tones of fireflies, and one insane cockroach, as well as cardinals and bunny rabbits on my way to and from work.
I'll try to take some photos of the Smithsonian soon!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, He's awful ! :( Nice photograph though }