Random Images of my trip to Seattle

Finally I am posting some photos of my trip to Seattle. I gotta first thank my fabulous hosts, Kristie and Andrew, who forced me to eat 'uncrustables' the entire time. We still got along well, I will take the 'uncrustables' to stay in Seattle

First off, Kristie has a lot of pets, I decided to take photos of them in their coats
Ruby has a coat, its pink!

Sushi has a coat too, can you see it?

George had a coat but did not like it. Not because it was a pink GAP hoodie, but because he prefers to go necked

Rocco does not have a coat. Poor Rocco!

And finally here is Taylor, who is not Kristies pet, but he's darned cute! Plus I have more photos of him than anything else, so he will appear at the end of each photo installation

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Anonymous said...

Awe, cute pics ! Poor doggies must be really hot though, eh ?! :) Love the cat !