Poor Sal, Again!

One of the reasons I have been away from posting lately is Sal

Poor guy is allergic to his food. Its making his skin itchy and he is licking his fur off! Sals once voluminous pantaloons are now short shorts

The tough thing is that he can't stop eating the food. Its the only food that prevents the crystals he forms in his bladder. So instead he got a shot of cortisone and hopefully he will be relieved for a while. I will have to keep an eye on him to see when he needs his next shot

The other thing that prevents me from writing is that Kristie and Andrew are going to be visiting this Thursday and I'm turning the studio into its guest-room-mode. THis weekend is gonna rock!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully he will come around.My cat August was really itchy at one time and I couldn't figure it out, other than I know he's allergic to dust.So, maybe he had a food allergy too ?! He's fine now though.We give both the dog and cat Natural Choice, blue seal food from the pet store and they are really doing great on it.

Hollie said...

Before Sal got his bladder problems he was on an organic food that he really liked and didn't make him itchy, I wish I could have both food types wrapped in one

Kim said...

Have a great visit with Kristie and Andrew! It is so much fun to have guests when you are away from home. Hopefully you will have great weather!