Starting to decorate the nursery

Renato and I have thought a lot about how to make a cute room for our little girl on a BIG budget. We are very lucky in many ways tho, because Renato has woodworking skills and we have lots of friends that have helped out and given us some great things. We also have a great landlord that will let us paint the rooms of our apartment any colour as long as it goes back to primer when we leave.

The room will in no way match the in the way you can get custom bedding, curtains, accessories ect for a baby room. However, I'm trying to stay with a colour theme because I want bright bold colours but do not want it to get out of control. The inspiration I have decided upon comes from this fabric.

I bought it in a bundle of fat squares on Etsy, and fell in love with it when making a mobile for my niece. Since then I have ordered 2 yards of it. I don't know what to do with the fabric, but it will be exciting to use in any case.

I decided the walls of the little room will be the turquoise colour in the design. Renato was a little worried about that, but now that the walls are painted he loves the results (photos to come)

To add to this I am refinishing a dresser, which will be a changing table and dresser in the end.

I have lots of old picture frames and vintage Ikea stuff I've been gathering, they will be painted off-white. I also have some beautiful vintage biology posters to put up.

Finally Renato is building a crib, and a dollhouse, and will paint a mural on the wall in either off-white or red.

We have lots to do, and some is done, but I thought I would space out each part in a separate blog post for kicks.

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Wanda said...

Your nursery will be amazing Hollie!! Love the fabric:)