Understanding my Gdiapers (before the baby gets here)

I decided early in the pregnancy to go the cloth diaper rout because:
a)I'm an earth muffin
b)My mom used them on me b/c I was allergic to disposables
c)budget income
d)access to a laundry room

After reviewing the literally HUNDREDS of types of cloth diapers out there, I decided to go with Gdiapers. Not only was there a great promotion going on their starter packs at the time, but I've seen them in action, and I like that I could switch to disposable liners if I am in dire need.

The promotion was a discount on their 6 pack, so I bought one pack each of smalls, mediums, and larges. I know I will need more later, but I figure its a good starting point.

The next step was to get some cloth liners for the things. There are a lot of ppl on Etsy and Ebay that sell hand made liners. and the company themselves sells cloth liners

Being on that budget I went an alternate route after finding a tutorial on how to make Gdiaper inserts at home (I've since found many more, but this seemed the most thorough and easiest). The writer recommended using microfiber cloths, but there is a fantastic online store called Wazoodle that sells fabric specifically for cloth diapers, so I ordered the most absorbent stuff you could get (ZORB!!!) and asked my mom to put them together for me (as an aside, I would have done it myself but my sewing machine is broken, and besides, she's so good at sewing!)

My mom quickly made a bunch in the small size and sent them to me in the mail. Here they are!

They look pretty big compared to the little diaper, but they fit very well. I'm very happy
Next I have to make some microfleece liners to put on top, so that poo can be quickly removed. I'm really hoping this system works out.

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Kristie said...

I ordered the large sized diapers. they work great. Tessa especially likes her pink striped ones -- or I like them. she just likes to poo in them.