Sweating out the hard times

Its amazing how in one day, or a few days things can explode in ones little world, and you feel life is out to get you.

it was 33 degrees yesterday, 31 the day before. Everyone said 'you are so lucky the biggest part of your pregnancy will be in the fall! Fall? Isn't it supposed to be fall now?
I have a beautiful wool maternity coat I want to wear (from my most generous sister), and long sleeved shirts. Where are you fall? I wait for you, please come here.


The guy who lives in our basement (an apartment on its own) has been having a hard time getting a roommate. He finally got one, but this kid (I think he's 17, not that I have anything against 17 year olds) is turning out to be an idiot. He smokes a lot of pot and has recently lost his job. He wakes up in the evening and falls asleep in the morning. He broke the lock on the door connecting our two apartments this morning, and has his druggie friends over to... you know... smoke pot all night (and uses other substances, or so I just learned).

Yesterday was the last straw for me, as I woke up in the morning to our apartment smelling and the lock. I told the landlord, and apparently a meeting of the 3 went well. The kid is leaving at the end of October! I hate to be a big bitch about all this. But Ren and I discussed and discussed, and we have more to worry about than just ourselves and our stuff. We now have the responsibility of a little being (and I don't mean the cats... although they are a responsibility too). I'm doing my best to have her developing body not come in contact with things that may harm her. And I've got a hell of a lot of other things to worry about outside of the apartment downstairs. What would the public health nurse think if she visited and there was a lingering pot smell in the air?

Oh, and one of our tires is flat. Must buy a new tire yay!!

The day is over now, hopefully this is the only bad day for a long time. I have something wonderful to show you soon, so worry not!

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