New things at my house

I don't blog much anymore do I? Oh well. Here are some changes occurring at my place

Barbarella is now as big as (or larger than) Sal

I replaced some artwork (that the artist borrowed) with some other artwork. This is a print Renato did at school. I put an old frame Mom gave me around it to make it stand out more

I organized my towels!

And then there is the furniture I found. The university sometimes throws out perfectly good furniture! I am always tempted to take it. Renato gave in on this one, tho he does not find it too attractive. I love how it is low, and on casters. I may recover it someday

And THIS is my new credenza! I bought it at a university sale for $25. It is thick oak with a pleather top, and has some scratches. It needs a little work but it already looks fantastic! I may have to move some stuff around...


Anonymous said...

;hi hollie i finally got on the computer. ilove your credenza....great choice. you are definately your mothers daughter. love mom

julie said...

good job!