Why No Posts? + Bread

Hello, Sorry I have not posted in a little while. The big reason behind this is that Ren has taken the camera to Banff, he is doing a 7 week residency at the Banff center of the Arts and needs to document his work.

I'll try to improvise...

Last week our lab had a BBQ, I decided to make some bruscetta on home made bread. It turned out fantastically! I used the no-knee-bread recipe, which has never failed for me yet, and Wendy gave me a tonne of fresh tomatoes from their garden. I don't have any photos of the bruscetta but here is the bread, and the recipe is here!

This is my new pot to bake bread in. Its a ceramic 'rice pot' I got at safeway for $16! I was very excited when I saw thin in the rice isle

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