Going Places!

Today some of the jewelry I sell on ETSY was featured on the blog Ulixis Crafts by Amanda. How sweet is that? Amanda said some pretty nice stuff about my jewelry. Her Etsy store is pretty dang nice too. I like her leafy journals.

It seems ETSY is taking off in a big way. I love that I can list my jewelry there with no hassle: the storefront is already made for you and you just list your materials, description, and photos and off you go!! I also like that is for handmade items only... some try to sneek mass produced items in, but ETSYers keep an eye out for those. I hope it stays that way, and no one sells things like 'the oldest lizard claw' on it

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Amanda said...

:D Thanks! I hope Etsy remains all handmade too ~ and I read in the forums somewhere that they were thinking of setting up a separate site for vintage things. Which would be good.. more organized. I think supplies should be separate too, but I guess that might be a little complicated for sellers who sell both (or all three).