Organization Sensation

Because I usually make jewelry in front of the TV in the living room, I've created quite the swath of gadgets, beads, and tools all over the floor. They are organized in a very complicated way in which the average passer-by might think that it was a 'big mess' or a 'pile of junk'. Renato seems to have gotten fed-up with my big pile (the cats enjoy sitting on top of it) and has come up with a great solution.... He made me a storage cabinet. It's a very cool design: all of the shelves are mounted on a pipe in the corner, so they can all swing out individually. There is also a spot on the top for the really heavy things. He brought it home last week and we have finally finished it (stained and varnished) so that it can be used to its full potential. I'm very much in love with this cabinet, I'm going to fill it tonight. These 2 photos show the before and after...

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