New Family Members

We now have fish! The Gallery was not able to take care of the fish tank they were given so we took it... Now they are ours! I know fish are sometimes messy and easy to ignor, but I think that we can handle it, Ren and I both have a lot of fish tank experience! So here are some pictures of the tank. The fish we got were 4 feeder goldfish (unnamed due to the fact that I can't tell the difference between them) and a plecostomus, whom I've named Franco.
Sal and Inertia really love their new fish tank. Cat TV. They stare at it all day. The tank is big enough that they won't break it, and the top is covered so they can't get in. Inertia really loves the fish food, not to eat... just to smell. She attacks the bag when I feed the fish. It must be kept out of reach or she will rip into it and cover the floor with fish food (eww!)
Here is Franco:

Here's Sal drooling over the fish:

Here's Inertia drooling over the fish food:

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