Be calm, my shakey nerves!

Every friday our division (Zoology) has a public talk. Usually only people from the division come, but students tend to show up and that is the best thing. This week I have to give a talk... 20min or so... On a subject other than my research, to broaden the minds of everone else in the division. I choose to present findings on flight kinematics, and to relate it to my research in the end. The good thing is flight kinematics is really interesting. The bad thing is I only gave myself a week to write the talk. I'm now getting nervous, and doubtful that the talk is any good. We shall see. I finished it at 12am last night, and will soon read it over a million times or so - with cue cards!!! Tomorrow's the day... finally! I can get this dang talk over with and sleep a full night again.

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