More nursery updates

Since today is my due date, and Darth Vader is not showing  any signs of coming out tonight, I thought I'd post some of the updates that have been going on in the nursery.

here is the dresser decked out with the changing pad (aka sheepskin, I'll put a mat down when I'm actually changing). The shelf is vintage IKEA in its third paint colour. The plants were favors from my friend Megan's wedding, and there is a lovely painting of Renato to complete the vignette.

 This is a mirror I took from mom, painted white and put a decal my friend Kurtis gave me. I haven't decided where to put it yet because Renato still hasn't decided where to paint some additional interest on the walls.

 On the largest (blank) wall in the room I put one of my favorite vintage biology poster. I can't think of anything more appropriate for a baby room than embryos! I am sure some people may find this creepy or strange, but I think its awesome!

I've been working hard making curtains for the room (and other rooms in the house)

Its not easy when your sewing machine is broken, but it sure passes the time! The fabric is the exact same fabric that was used as table runners at our wedding. I have a lot of these left so you may see some more sewing projects in the same pattern. The fabric is from IKEA

Renato has been working very hard on the crib. Not that he is running out of time, Darth will be living in our room for the first few months of her life. The base is completely done. I think its oak. The slats are done too but have to be painted.

Last of all I am so excited Kristie has sent me this little sign for the car seat (among the billions of other things she has sent me and I am so grateful for!) Since its flu season I don't want Darth to be handled by every stranger that sees her, hopefully this will deter them a little!


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Wanda said...

Looks good Hollie! Best of luck with everything. Cannot wait to see pics of the wee miss!!