Starting with Photos of Paris

I have a lot of photos so its going to take me a while to get through them. BE WARNED!

The trip overall was fantastic. We flew out (standby) from Calgary to Detroit to Washington to Paris. First class most of the way! The first night we spent in a hotel by the airport, as we did not get our appartment until the second day. We sharred the appartment with Pat, Wendy, and Athena.

Pat, Wendy, Athena and I in front of the appartment



Wendy, we're waiting for our pub food

This was the gardens by our appartment

The Seine

Inside our appartment

Out the window

The Louvre gardens, did I mention our appartment was 1 block away from the Louvre?


Renato was pretty tired after aour first 2 days...

More to come!


I'm in Paris!

I'll post some photos soon!!!!


Dog Setting!

We have been taking care of our Favorite Giant dogs - Clara and Lilly for the past week and will be doing it until monday. These 2 are a lot of work, but well worth it!

Lilly says: Throw that ball for me!

Clara says: Rub my belly!


Slowly My Garden Grows

My garden has been recovering nicely from the hail storm. Here is some of it:

My new window basket has some herbs in it (parsley, basil, and Vietnamese taragon) as well as some snapdragons and pansies.

Renato made this little garden box out of ceader. it has a thich row of sweatpeas and snappeas in the back, and in the front some flowers.

The garden proper is still in a recovary mode. The Squashes have been killed completely, as well as the spinach, so we planted some new as well as some cabages, they are little but will get bigger over time

Today I ate the first strawberry from my one little plant. I would have taken a photo but... who can't eat their first strawberry right away?