Mom and Dad's Visit

A couple of weeks ago Mom and Dad visited for a week! We did a lot of shopping and eating. On the weekend we went to Banff to visit Renato (he was doing a residency there) and went for a walk on the Old Banff Hot Springs Trail. Its where the natural springs are, and it empties into a marsh. Very pretty!

The old pool was filled with rocks, probably so no one would jump in for fun

Fishes lived in the water with all of the algae, I bet they were nice and warm

Mom couldn't go up to the top so Renato stayed with her

Isn't that awesome looking! It smells bad tho, like sulfur

Those little blobs are the endangered snails in the hot springs, if you go in the springs you will be fined for potentially harming this species, Its a hefty fine indeed.

This guy followed us around and screamed at us a lot, but he was cute

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